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Gift culture
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As one of the birthplaces of ancient civilizations in the world, China pays great attention to traditional civilization and reciprocity. As the saying goes, it is good to “become a person who drips with water, when it is reported as a Yongquan,” and when it comes to holidays, visit friends and relatives, trade goods are inseparable from the word “courtesy”. Ancient gifts include etiquette, gifts, etiquette, on behalf of love, admiration, mostly used to deepen feelings and promote friendship. Since entering the 21st century, the connotation of gifts has become much more abundant. Especially after joining the WTO, Chinese companies are facing double pressure from competitors and partners around the world, so reciprocity is even more prominent.

Gifts are specially ordered by enterprises and institutions to increase or expand their visibility in business or business activities, increase the market share (share) of products, and obtain higher sales performance and profits. Products with a special signification of enterprises and business logos. Choosing a kind of gift that represents the spirit, culture, and connotation of the enterprise is particularly important as a high-level lubricant sold by public companies in modern enterprises. It conducts bilateral and multilateral cooperation in enterprises, opens up new markets, occupies more market share, and is irreplaceable in promoting the culture of the company. At the same time, the gift is also an advertisement, a propaganda, and a suitable gift can build a permanent and profound impression in the customer's mind. In addition to inheriting Chinese ancient rituals and etiquettes, the concept of modern enterprise gifts is closely linked with the image and connotation of the company.

"Rigouries, never come, not courtesy." --- "Book of Rites. Song on the song."

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