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Analysis of Four Trends in Stationery Development
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With the development of the stationery industry in our country, the stationery industry has become more and more mature. At the same time as expanding the scale, the industry's technological level has also greatly improved. However, compared with Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries, there are also certain gaps in manufacturing technology, public welfare design, and product development. However, from the trend of stationery development in recent years, we can see that the overall development of stationery has been improved, mainly reflected in the four major classification trends of stationery development:

Stationery office supplies networked

Different from the development of single stationery channels in the past, in recent years, in order to facilitate user purchase, many professional stationery wholesale malls have emerged. They break the direction of traditional stationery channels and are free, flexible, and convenient. Such as Jimei Mall, Hongye comprehensive stationery shop, etc., this can save space, while harvesting convenient and practical features.

Student stationery is more simple and practical

The simple and elegant theme is timeless, and so is the design of stationery products. Relatively speaking, European countries and the United States favor even more concise products than Asian countries. Therefore, it can be seen that export stationery is too simple compared to domestic stationery. However, with the development of the industry, the preferences of domestic customers for product design are gradually changing. We are accustomed to all kinds of fancy stationery, and the simple and practical stationery of small and clean fashion has quickly captured the hearts and minds of customers.

Office stationery gradually gentrification

Compared with the previous practicality, today's stationery also pay attention to gentrification, which also derived from the interest of some collectors. Since ancient times, stationery has served as a gift for literati, and valuable stationery has been favored by collectors. Regardless of whether it is a gift or a collectible, it is a valued and up-and-down stationery. Therefore, office stationery is gradually approaching “changing” in the direction of change.

Creative stationery becomes more toy

Stationery toys are not difficult to find, visit the market, a variety of personalized stationery are very distinctive, or a small umbrella shape correction tape, or writing pen, or beer bottle appearance glue. All kinds of personal stationery attract people's attention, and it is absolutely popular for children because of their destructive power.

In addition, according to a recent survey, more than 60% of consumers expressed their preference for stylish stationery, and with the increase in environmental protection requirements, green, low-carbon stationery is also favored by consumers. These are given to stationery companies. The future indicates the direction of development. This also puts forward higher and more development requirements for stationery suppliers, and has great motivation for the development of the industry.

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