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It takes more than 30 procedures to make a pencil in the pen workshop
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In the opening school season, there are always a few new pencils in the pencil box of the pupils. The reporter saw in the supermarket that the price of a pencil is less than 1 yuan. However, how many hands of a pencil's "birth" should be polished ? Recently, the reporter went to the production workshop of China First Pencil Co., Ltd., from raw material mixing, mixing of ingredients, drying of cores, burning of cores to cutting, bonding, assembly of plates... After rough statistics, making a pencil, it took thirty Remaining process.

Every day I get black in my mouth

Just after the Spring Festival, the first pencil in Xinyi Town of Songjiang City was already started early. The machinery in the workshop roared and the workers were busy. The pressure of economic downturn did not seem to affect this old state-owned enterprise with a history of more than 80 years.

In the kneading workshop on the first floor, several rolling kneading machines “opened their mouths” to greet reporters. The kneading machine was mixing a dark raw material. Chen Yunlong, vice chairman of the company's trade union, told reporters that it was stirred here. The production of lead core raw materials: graphite and clay. "A lot of people have a misunderstanding that the lead is made of lead. In fact, the early pencils contained lead, but now the main components of the lead are graphite and binder, no longer lead, so it is no for children. Harmful."

The kneader is fed according to different types of lead cores. In the past, the feeding was done by hand. Now the company has improved the equipment and used electric feeders, which can be completed only by manual operation. But even so, the masters of the workers who were standing by the machine were still dyed black by graphite. An old master who was operating said, “Every day after work, even the spittles in my mouth are black. Fortunately, there are bathrooms in the units. After taking a bath after work, he dared to go home. Otherwise, the family couldn't recognize it!” he said with a smile.

Core furnace temperature up to thousands of degrees

Lead core production has a key process: burning core, that is, through the firing, so that the hardness of the lead core to meet the requirements. "The temperature of the firing determines the hardness of the lead." Chairman Chen said that we usually see the words 2H and 2B engraved on the pencil. H represents the hardness "English" Hard, and B represents the refill. The concentration is "Black". The larger the number, the higher the hardness and the higher the concentration. “For example, the hardest 6H pencil is a special type of item for architectural engineering or fine arts.”

Due to the extremely high hardness requirements, the manual firing of 6H lead cores is still required. In the firing shop, the fully automated tunnel kiln fired the conventionally used products, while the electric hearth furnace with electric heating was specially prepared for special lead cores. The worker's master opened the door and saw only one lead in the furnace. The core of the shabu-shabu burned red, a surge of heat blowing, "The furnace temperature is less than thousands of degrees, and even in the summer, even at the hearth operation, the temperature is as high as 50 degrees." Remove the shabu tools It was a three-meter-long iron pliers. I saw the masters taking out one of the hot pots and putting them on the operating table. The high-power electric fan was used to cool down the cooling water.

To ensure safety, workers must wear canvas work clothes and gloves when they heat even in the summer. Workers frankly say, "The heat is positive, and the heat doesn't dare to take off the overalls. It's common for people to sweat a few times a day. It is understood that in order to reduce the temperature on the site, the company has specially installed ventilation openings in the workshop and tried to improve the working environment without installing air conditioners. Afterwards, the lead cores after high-temperature “baking inspection” and the plates that have been treated by dyeing, softening, and drying are sent to the finished product workshop. Under the heavy build of the planer, rubber core, polishing, and painting and printing, finally, one Pencils with different shapes and functions are packaged and stored for sale.

How 80-year-old state-owned enterprises continue to "write" new articles

In the history exhibition hall of China First Pencil Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that from the "Zhonghua Brand" pencils we used as a child, to the "Chinese God Seven Space Pens", the World Expo Gift Pen, etc. The 80 years of stormy road that the first pencil has passed since its establishment in the 1930s.

In the first pencil, there were a few senior employees with decades of service. Vice-Chairman Chen Yunlong said that as a veteran state-owned enterprise, in the tide of corporate transformation and development around the 1990s, the first pencil has always been the focus of the pencil industry. Development has brought out a new path of scientific development that suits its own characteristics. Under the general trend of the diversion of laid-off workers from state-owned enterprises, the company has always maintained a stable workforce.

As “Made in China” continues to encounter challenges in the international market, the current pencil industry is also facing many pressures such as market, cost, capital, and environmental protection. The competition is fierce. As a state-owned enterprise, how can we innovate technology and increase production capacity? We expect the first pencil to draw a different blueprint.

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